Slatttock Systems


Paul is my Oracle I am his Community Guardian

I try to advise Paul what is new in IT.

Paul is a consultant in Visual Foxpro and has recently upgraded to PHP/My SQL.

Paul finished his contract last year after many years as a Freelance Programmer so I started A Day In The Life and Golf 2020

I have been trying to encourage Paul to make a significant jump up to MVC/C#/SQL Server in the hope that in a years time he will go contract on £600 per day as an Associate Consultant for Red Octopus.

I feared that Paul would be out of work for a long time - I was glad when he got a Power Bi job.

He has done well to progress his career - He converted Bossons Database to PHP/MySQL having built himself a new Linux / Lavarel Server. This is now a Flagship Application that BSG-Elite Students will be asked to replicate. I hope that Paul will share his source on Git Hub with them.

Paul is one of the finest programmers I know - He matches Richard who is Microsoft Certified but I don't know if he is as good as Dave Jackson at Ingersoll Rand.

I can only fault Paul on his communications skills - I know he is excellent in his  professional life - Paul is very personable and an excellent communicator when he wants to be. (Perhaps I am too demanding !)

It is 22 years since I have seen Paul I am still waiting for him to ask me round for a Pint.

He is excellent though when I have a real problem he comes up with the answer and he does phone me - so all is not as bad as it seems.

It is important to me that Paul progresses Q-Core for me - He will require it for one of his systems in work one day - Q was a solution Paul created pre windows as an access control database for Ferrantii 086 computers.

I want to start Ferranti 2025 with Paul Manufacturing and selling home servers with Pre Loaded applications. - Stratbox-HR Services. 

I would like Paul to get a teaching Qualification and  become a Community Guardian with me for BSG Elite.

Paul is welcome to join Foundation Consulting at Any Time - The source of this website is no longer in my Wix directory - I am concernerd I needed to set up Foundation Computing - Now is the time to do it as a Webador site. 

Foundation Computing is the actual build of a pre SQL database using google forms - going down this track will depend on Richard/Paul being able to construct a SQL code builder. Creating SQL database and importing data via XML or Json.

You will see the career path that I had planned for Paul whilst he developed Q-Core.

This could be your choice - Phone 0161-998-2637  and say that you are interested in becoming a Time Bank Community Guardian / Associate Consultant.